niworkflows.interfaces.bold module

Utilities for BOLD fMRI imaging.

class niworkflows.interfaces.bold.NonsteadyStatesDetector(from_file=None, resource_monitor=None, **inputs)[source]

Bases: nipype.interfaces.base.core.SimpleInterface

Detect initial non-steady states in BOLD fMRI timeseries.

Mandatory Inputs

in_file (a pathlike object or string representing an existing file) – BOLD fMRI timeseries.

Optional Inputs
  • n_volumes (10 <= an integer <= 200) – Drop volumes in 4D image beyond this timepoint. (Nipype default value: 40)

  • nonnegative (a boolean) – Whether image voxels must be nonnegative. (Nipype default value: True)

  • zero_dummy_masked (2 <= an integer <= 40) – Number of timepoints to average when the number of dummies is zero. (Nipype default value: 20)

  • n_dummy (an integer) – Number of volumes identified as nonsteady states.

  • t_mask (a list of items which are a boolean) – List of nonsteady-states (True) and stable (False) volumes.