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NeuroImaging PREProcessing toolS (NiPreps)

NiPreps augment the scanner to produce data directly consumable by analyses.

We refer to data directly consumable by analyses as analysis-grade data by analogy with the concept of "sushi-grade (or sashimi-grade) fish" in that both are products that have been:

  • minimally preprocessed, but are
  • safe to consume directly.


Building on the success story of fMRIPrep

NiPreps were conceived as a generalization of fMRIPrep across new modalities, populations, cohorts, and species. fMRIPrep is widely adopted, as our telemetry with Sentry (and now, in-house with migas) shows:

fmriprep usage
fMRIPrep is executed an average of 9,500 times every week, of which, around 7,000 times it finishes successfully (72.9% success rate). The average number of executions started includes debug and dry runs where researchers do not intend actually process data. Therefore, the effective (that is, discarding test runs) success ratio of fMRIPrep is likely higher.