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In general, NiPreps embrace a liberal contribution model of governance structure. However, because of the scientific domain of NiPreps , the community features some structure from meritocracy models to prescribe the order in the authors list of new papers about these tools .


Developers are members of a wonderful team driving the project . Names and contacts of all developers are included in the .maint/developers.json file of each project. Examples of steering activities that drive the project are: actively participating in the follow-up meetings, leading documentation sprints, helping in the design of the tool and definition of the roadmap, providing resources (in the broad sense, including funding), code-review, etc.


Contributors enlisted in the .maint/contributors.json file of each project actively help or have previously helped the project in a broad sense: writing code, writing documentation, benchmarking modules of the tool, proposing new features, helping improve the scientific rigor of implementations, giving out support on the different communication channels (mattermost, NeuroStars , GitHub, etc.). If you are new to the project, don't forget to add your name and affiliation to the list of contributors there! Our Welcome Bot will send an automated message reminding this to first-time contributors. Before every release, unlisted contributors will be invited again to add their names to the file (just in case they missed the automated message from our Welcome Bot).

Contributors who have contributed at some point to the project but were required or they wished to disconnect from the project's updates and to drop-out from publications and other dissemination activities, are listed in the .maint/former.json file .