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Register for the NiPreps hackathon with the OHBM'23 Brainhack!

We are thrilled to announce that the NiPreps Hackathon's second edition will be part of the upcoming OHBM'23 Brainhack (July 19-21, Maison Notman House, Montreal, Canada).

Registration To join us for this incredible event and work on NiPreps-related projects, please fill in our registration form.

Please remember to also register on the official webpage of the OHBM Brainhack. You will find all the necessary information, event schedule, and location details on Brainhack's website.

Approach and projects We will advance (online) some projects as much as possible before the BrainHack. We are putting together a list of potential projects at Please feel free to let us know your ideas and voice your questions. Projects can start at any moment (even at the venue in Montreal) to have the flexibility to accommodate all ideas.

Those projects with preliminary work will have project leaders who will organize meetings, coordinate a roadmap and help carry out the necessary tasks.

See you in Montreal!

NiPreps Roundups Feb 22, 2023

We resumed the bi-monthly NiPreps Roundups with a first meeting on February 22, 2023.