sdcflows.workflows.apply.registration module

Align the fieldmap reference map to the target EPI.

The fieldmap reference map may be a magnitude image (or an EPI dataset, in the case of PEPOLAR estimation).

The target EPI is the distorted dataset (or a reference thereof).

sdcflows.workflows.apply.registration.init_coeff2epi_wf(omp_nthreads, sloppy=False, debug=False, write_coeff=False, name='coeff2epi_wf')[source]

Move the field coefficients on to the target (distorted) EPI space.

Workflow Graph

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  • omp_nthreads (int) – Maximum number of threads an individual process may use.

  • sloppy (bool) – Run fast configurations of registrations.

  • debug (bool) – Run in debug mode, that is, generating additional traces of performance.

  • name (str) – Unique name of this workflow.

  • write_coeff (bool) – Map coefficients file

  • target_ref – the target EPI reference image

  • target_mask – the reference image (skull-stripped)

  • fmap_ref – the reference (anatomical) image corresponding to fmap

  • fmap_mask – a brain mask corresponding to fmap

  • fmap_coeff – fieldmap coefficients

  • fmap_coeff – fieldmap coefficients in the space of the target reference EPI

  • target_ref – the target reference EPI resampled into the fieldmap reference for quality control purposes.