sdcflows.workflows.base module

Estimate fieldmaps for SDC.

sdcflows.workflows.base.init_fmap_preproc_wf(*, estimators, omp_nthreads, output_dir, subject, sloppy=False, debug=False, name='fmap_preproc_wf')[source]

Create and combine estimator workflows.

  • estimators (list of FieldmapEstimator) – A list of estimators.

  • omp_nthreads (int) – Maximum number of threads an individual process may use

  • output_dir (str) – Directory in which to save derivatives

  • subject (str) – Participant label for this single-subject workflow.

  • debug (bool) – Enable debugging outputs

  • sloppy (bool) – Enable faster but less precise calculations

  • name (str, optional) – Workflow name (default: "fmap_preproc_wf")


in_<B0FieldIdentifier>.<field> – The workflow generates inputs depending on the estimation strategy.

  • out_<B0FieldIdentifier>.fmap – The preprocessed fieldmap.

  • out_<B0FieldIdentifier>.fmap_ref – The preprocessed fieldmap reference.

  • out_<B0FieldIdentifier>.fmap_coeff – The preprocessed fieldmap coefficients.