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# emacs: -*- mode: python; py-indent-offset: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
# vi: set ft=python sts=4 ts=4 sw=4 et:
# Copyright 2021 The NiPreps Developers <>
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# We support and encourage derived works from this project, please read
# about our expectations at
"""Utilities for fieldmap estimation."""
from pathlib import Path
from enum import Enum, auto
from collections import defaultdict
import re
import attr
from json import loads
from bids.layout import parse_file_entities
from bids.utils import listify
from niworkflows.utils.bids import relative_to_root
from .utils.bimap import EstimatorRegistry

_estimators = EstimatorRegistry()
_intents = defaultdict(set)

[docs] class MetadataError(ValueError): """A better name for a specific value error."""
[docs] class EstimatorType(Enum): """Represents different types of fieldmap estimation approach.""" UNKNOWN = auto() PEPOLAR = auto() PHASEDIFF = auto() MAPPED = auto() ANAT = auto()
MODALITIES = { "bold": EstimatorType.PEPOLAR, "dwi": EstimatorType.PEPOLAR, "epi": EstimatorType.PEPOLAR, "asl": EstimatorType.PEPOLAR, "m0scan": EstimatorType.PEPOLAR, "fieldmap": EstimatorType.MAPPED, "magnitude": None, "magnitude1": None, "magnitude2": None, "phase1": EstimatorType.PHASEDIFF, "phase2": EstimatorType.PHASEDIFF, "phasediff": EstimatorType.PHASEDIFF, "sbref": EstimatorType.PEPOLAR, "T1w": EstimatorType.ANAT, "T2w": EstimatorType.ANAT, } def _type_setter(obj, attribute, value): """Make sure the type of estimation is not changed.""" if obj.method == value: return value elif obj.method != EstimatorType.UNKNOWN: raise TypeError(f"Cannot change determined method {obj.method} to {value}.") if value not in ( EstimatorType.PEPOLAR, EstimatorType.PHASEDIFF, EstimatorType.MAPPED, EstimatorType.ANAT, ): raise ValueError(f"Invalid estimation method type {value}.") return value def _id_setter(obj, attribute, value): if obj.bids_id and obj.bids_id == value: return value raise ValueError("Cannot edit the bids_id")
[docs] @attr.s(slots=True) class FieldmapFile: """ Represent a file that can be used in some fieldmap estimation method. The class will read metadata from a sidecar JSON with filename matching that of the file. This class may receive metadata as a keyword argument at initialization. Examples -------- >>> f = FieldmapFile(dsA_dir / "sub-01" / "anat" / "sub-01_T1w.nii.gz") >>> f.suffix 'T1w' >>> FieldmapFile( ... dsA_dir / "sub-01" / "fmap" / "sub-01_dir-LR_epi.nii.gz", ... find_meta=False ... ) # doctest: +IGNORE_EXCEPTION_DETAIL Traceback (most recent call last): MetadataError: >>> f = FieldmapFile( ... dsA_dir / "sub-01" / "fmap" / "sub-01_dir-LR_epi.nii.gz", ... ) >>> f.metadata['TotalReadoutTime'] 0.005 >>> f = FieldmapFile( ... dsA_dir / "sub-01" / "fmap" / "sub-01_dir-LR_epi.nii.gz", ... metadata={"TotalReadoutTime": None}, ... ) # doctest: +IGNORE_EXCEPTION_DETAIL Traceback (most recent call last): MetadataError: >>> f = FieldmapFile( ... dsA_dir / "sub-01" / "fmap" / "sub-01_dir-LR_epi.nii.gz", ... metadata={'TotalReadoutTime': 0.006} ... ) >>> f.metadata['TotalReadoutTime'] 0.006 >>> FieldmapFile( ... dsA_dir / "sub-01" / "fmap" / "sub-01_phasediff.nii.gz", ... find_meta=False ... ) # doctest: +IGNORE_EXCEPTION_DETAIL Traceback (most recent call last): MetadataError: >>> f = FieldmapFile( ... dsA_dir / "sub-01" / "fmap" / "sub-01_phasediff.nii.gz" ... ) >>> f.metadata['EchoTime2'] 0.00746 >>> FieldmapFile( ... dsA_dir / "sub-01" / "fmap" / "sub-01_phase2.nii.gz", ... find_meta=False ... ) # doctest: +IGNORE_EXCEPTION_DETAIL Traceback (most recent call last): MetadataError: >>> f = FieldmapFile( ... dsA_dir / "sub-01" / "fmap" / "sub-01_phase2.nii.gz" ... ) >>> f.metadata['EchoTime'] 0.00746 >>> FieldmapFile( ... dsA_dir / "sub-01" / "fmap" / "sub-01_fieldmap.nii.gz", ... find_meta=False ... ) # doctest: +IGNORE_EXCEPTION_DETAIL Traceback (most recent call last): MetadataError: >>> f = FieldmapFile( ... dsA_dir / "sub-01" / "fmap" / "sub-01_fieldmap.nii.gz" ... ) >>> f.metadata['Units'] 'rad/s' """ path = attr.ib(converter=Path, repr=str, on_setattr=attr.setters.NO_OP) """Path to a fieldmap file.""" entities = attr.ib(init=False, repr=False) """BIDS entities extracted from filepath.""" suffix = attr.ib(init=False, repr=False) """Extracted suffix from input file.""" bids_root = attr.ib(init=False, default=None, repr=False) """Path of the BIDS root.""" metadata = attr.ib(kw_only=True, default=attr.Factory(dict)) """ Metadata associated to this file. When provided as keyword argument in initialization, will overwrite metadata read from sidecar JSON. """ find_meta = attr.ib(kw_only=True, default=True, type=bool, repr=False) """Enable/disable automated search for corresponding metadata."""
[docs] @path.validator def check_path(self, attribute, value): """Validate a fieldmap path.""" if not value.is_file(): raise FileNotFoundError( f"File path <{value}> does not exist, is a broken link, or it is not a file" ) if not".nii", ".nii.gz")): raise ValueError(f"File path <{value}> does not look like a NIfTI file.") suffix ="(?<=_)\w+(?=\.nii)", if suffix not in tuple(MODALITIES.keys()): raise ValueError( f"File path <{value}> with suffix <{suffix}> is not a valid " "fieldmap sourcefile." )
def __attrs_post_init__(self): """Validate metadata and additional checks.""" self.entities = parse_file_entities(str(self.path)) self.suffix = self.entities.pop("suffix") extension = self.entities.pop("extension").lstrip(".") # Automatically fill metadata in when possible # TODO: implement BIDS hierarchy of metadata if self.find_meta: sidecar = Path(str(self.path).replace(extension, "json")) if sidecar.is_file(): _meta = self.metadata or {} self.metadata = loads(sidecar.read_text()) self.metadata.update(_meta) # Attempt to infer a bids_root folder relative_path = relative_to_root(self.path) self.bids_root = ( Path(str(self.path)[: -len(str(relative_path))]) if str(relative_path) != str(self.path) else None ) if self.suffix in ("T1w", "T2w"): self.metadata["TotalReadoutTime"] = 0.0 # Check for REQUIRED metadata (depends on suffix.) if self.suffix in ("bold", "dwi", "epi", "sbref", "asl", "m0scan"): if "PhaseEncodingDirection" not in self.metadata: raise MetadataError( f"Missing 'PhaseEncodingDirection' for <{self.path}>." ) from .utils.epimanip import get_trt try: get_trt(self.metadata, in_file=self.path) except ValueError as exc: raise MetadataError( f"Missing readout timing information for <{self.path}>." ) from exc elif self.suffix == "fieldmap" and "Units" not in self.metadata: raise MetadataError(f"Missing 'Units' for <{self.path}>.") elif self.suffix == "phasediff" and ( "EchoTime1" not in self.metadata or "EchoTime2" not in self.metadata ): raise MetadataError( f"Missing 'EchoTime1' and/or 'EchoTime2' for <{self.path}>." ) elif self.suffix in ("phase1", "phase2") and ("EchoTime" not in self.metadata): raise MetadataError(f"Missing 'EchoTime' for <{self.path}>.")
[docs] @attr.s(slots=True) class FieldmapEstimation: """ Represent fieldmap estimation strategies. This class provides a consistent interface to all types of fieldmap estimation strategies. The actual type of method for estimation is inferred from the ``sources`` input, and collects all the available metadata. """ sources = attr.ib( default=None, converter=lambda v: [ FieldmapFile(f) if not isinstance(f, FieldmapFile) else f for f in listify(v) ], repr=lambda v: f"<{len(v)} files>", ) """File path or list of paths indicating the source data to estimate a fieldmap.""" method = attr.ib(init=False, default=EstimatorType.UNKNOWN, on_setattr=_type_setter) """Flag indicating the estimator type inferred from the input sources.""" bids_id = attr.ib(default=None, kw_only=True, type=str, on_setattr=_id_setter) """The unique ``B0FieldIdentifier`` field of this fieldmap.""" sanitized_id = attr.ib(init=False, repr=False) """Sanitized version of the bids_id with special characters replaced by underscores.""" _wf = attr.ib(init=False, default=None, repr=False) """Internal pointer to a workflow.""" def __attrs_post_init__(self): """Determine the intended fieldmap estimation type and check for data completeness.""" suffix_list = [f.suffix for f in self.sources] suffix_set = set(suffix_list) # Fieldmap option 1: actual field-mapping sequences fmap_types = suffix_set.intersection( ("fieldmap", "phasediff", "phase1", "phase2") ) if len(fmap_types) > 1 and fmap_types - set(("phase1", "phase2")): raise TypeError(f"Incompatible suffices found: <{','.join(fmap_types)}>.") if fmap_types: sources = sorted( f.path for f in self.sources if f.suffix in ("fieldmap", "phasediff", "phase1", "phase2") ) # Automagically add the corresponding phase2 file if missing as argument missing_phases = ("phase1" not in fmap_types, "phase2" not in fmap_types) if sum(missing_phases) == 1: mis_ph = "phase1" if missing_phases[0] else "phase2" hit_ph = "phase2" if missing_phases[0] else "phase1" new_source = sources[0].parent / sources[0].name.replace(hit_ph, mis_ph) self.sources.append(FieldmapFile(new_source)) sources.insert(int(missing_phases[1]), new_source) # Set method, this cannot be undone self.method = MODALITIES[fmap_types.pop()] # Determine the name of the corresponding (first) magnitude file(s) magnitude = f"magnitude{'' if self.method == EstimatorType.MAPPED else '1'}" if magnitude not in suffix_set: try: new_path = ( sources[0].parent / sources[0].name .replace("_fieldmap", "_magnitude") .replace("_phasediff", "_phase1") .replace("_phase", "_magnitude") ) self.sources.append(FieldmapFile(new_path)) except Exception: raise ValueError( "A fieldmap or phase-difference estimation type was found, " f"but an anatomical reference ({magnitude} file) is missing." ) # Check presence and try to find (if necessary) the second magnitude file if ( self.method == EstimatorType.PHASEDIFF and "magnitude2" not in suffix_set ): try: new_path = ( sources[-1].parent / sources[-1].name .replace("diff", "2") .replace("phase", "magnitude") ) self.sources.append(FieldmapFile(new_path)) except Exception: if "phase2" in suffix_set: raise ValueError( "A phase-difference estimation (phase1/2) type was found, " "but an anatomical reference (magnitude2 file) is missing." ) # Fieldmap option 2: PEPOLAR (and fieldmap-less or ANAT) # IMPORTANT NOTE: fieldmap-less approaches can be considered PEPOLAR with RO = 0.0s pepolar_types = suffix_set.intersection(("bold", "dwi", "epi", "sbref", "asl", "m0scan")) anat_types = suffix_set.intersection(("T1w", "T2w")) _pepolar_estimation = ( len( [f for f in suffix_list if f in ("bold", "dwi", "epi", "sbref", "asl", "m0scan")] ) > 1 ) if _pepolar_estimation and not anat_types: self.method = MODALITIES[pepolar_types.pop()] _pe = set(f.metadata["PhaseEncodingDirection"] for f in self.sources) if len(_pe) == 1: raise ValueError( f"Only one phase-encoding direction <{_pe.pop()}> found across sources." ) elif anat_types: self.method = MODALITIES[anat_types.pop()] if not pepolar_types: raise ValueError( "Only anatomical sources were found, cannot estimate fieldmap." ) if self.method == EstimatorType.UNKNOWN: # No method has been identified -> fail. raise ValueError("Insufficient sources to estimate a fieldmap.") intents_meta = set( el for f in self.sources for el in listify(f.metadata.get("IntendedFor") or []) ) # Register this estimation method if not self.bids_id: # If not manually set, try to get it from BIDS metadata b0_ids = [ listify(f.metadata.get("B0FieldIdentifier")) for f in self.sources if f.metadata.get("B0FieldIdentifier") ] if b0_ids: # Find common IDs bids_ids = set(b0_ids[0]).intersection(*b0_ids[1:]) if not bids_ids: raise ValueError( f"No common ``B0FieldIdentifier`` found: <{', '.join(map(str, b0_ids))}>" ) elif len(bids_ids) > 1: raise ValueError( f"Multiple common ``B0FieldIdentifier``s found: <{', '.join(bids_ids)}>" ) object.__setattr__(self, "bids_id", bids_ids.pop()) if self.bids_id: _estimators[self.bids_id] = self.paths() else: bids_id = _estimators.add(self.paths()) object.__setattr__(self, "bids_id", bids_id) for intent_file in intents_meta: _intents[intent_file].add(self.bids_id) # Provide a sanitized identifier that can be used in cases where # special characters are not allowed. self.sanitized_id = re.sub(r'[^a-zA-Z0-9]', '_', self.bids_id)
[docs] def paths(self): """Return a tuple of paths that are sorted.""" return tuple(sorted(str(f.path) for f in self.sources))
[docs] def get_workflow(self, set_inputs=True, **kwargs): """Build the estimation workflow corresponding to this instance.""" if self._wf is not None: return self._wf # Override workflow name kwargs["name"] = f"wf_{self.sanitized_id}" if self.method in (EstimatorType.MAPPED, EstimatorType.PHASEDIFF): from import init_fmap_wf kwargs["mode"] = str(self.method).rpartition(".")[-1].lower() self._wf = init_fmap_wf(**kwargs) if set_inputs: self._wf.inputs.inputnode.magnitude = [ str(f.path.absolute()) for f in self.sources if f.suffix.startswith("magnitude") ] self._wf.inputs.inputnode.fieldmap = [ (str(f.path.absolute()), f.metadata) for f in self.sources if f.suffix in ("fieldmap", "phasediff", "phase2", "phase1") ] elif self.method == EstimatorType.PEPOLAR: from import init_topup_wf self._wf = init_topup_wf(**kwargs) if set_inputs: self._wf.inputs.inputnode.in_data = [ str(f.path.absolute()) for f in self.sources ] self._wf.inputs.inputnode.metadata = [ f.metadata for f in self.sources ] elif self.method == EstimatorType.ANAT: from import init_syn_sdc_wf self._wf = init_syn_sdc_wf(**kwargs) return self._wf
[docs] def get_identifier(filename, by="IntendedFor"): """ Return the fieldmap identifier for a given filename. Parameters ---------- filename : :obj:`str` The file we want to search in indexes. by : :obj:`str` (``IntendedFor`` or ``sources``) Index table in which the search should be performed. """ if by == "IntendedFor": return tuple(sorted(_intents.get(filename, ()))) if by == "sources": return _estimators.get_key(filename) raise KeyError(r"'{by}'")
[docs] def clear_registry(): """Empty registries.""" _estimators.clear() _intents.clear()