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# emacs: -*- mode: python; py-indent-offset: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
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# Copyright 2021 The NiPreps Developers <>
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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r"""Processing phase-difference and *directly measured* :math:`B_0` maps."""

from nipype.pipeline import engine as pe
from nipype.interfaces import utility as niu
from niworkflows.engine.workflows import LiterateWorkflow as Workflow

INPUT_FIELDS = ("magnitude", "fieldmap")

[docs]def init_fmap_wf(omp_nthreads=1, sloppy=False, debug=False, mode="phasediff", name="fmap_wf"): """ Estimate the fieldmap based on a field-mapping MRI acquisition. Estimates the fieldmap using either one phase-difference map or image and one or more magnitude images corresponding to two or more :abbr:`GRE (Gradient Echo sequence)` acquisitions. When we have a sequence that directly measures the fieldmap, we just need to mask it (using the corresponding magnitude image) to remove the noise in the surrounding air region, and ensure that units are Hz. Workflow Graph .. workflow :: :graph2use: orig :simple_form: yes from import init_fmap_wf wf = init_fmap_wf(omp_nthreads=6) Parameters ---------- omp_nthreads : :obj:`int` Maximum number of threads an individual process may use. sloppy : :obj:`bool` Whether a fast but less accurate correction should be applied. debug : :obj:`bool` Run in debug mode name : :obj:`str` Unique name of this workflow. Inputs ------ magnitude : :obj:`list` of :obj:`str` Path to the corresponding magnitude image for anatomical reference. fieldmap : :obj:`list` of :obj:`tuple`(:obj:`str`, :obj:`dict`) Path to the fieldmap acquisition (``*_fieldmap.nii[.gz]`` of BIDS). Outputs ------- fmap : :obj:`str` Path to the estimated fieldmap. fmap_ref : :obj:`str` Path to a preprocessed magnitude image reference. fmap_coeff : :obj:`str` or :obj:`list` of :obj:`str` The path(s) of the B-Spline coefficients supporting the fieldmap. fmap_mask : :obj:`str` Path to a binary brain mask corresponding to the ``fmap`` and ``fmap_ref`` pair. method: :obj:`str` Short description of the estimation method that was run. """ from ...interfaces.bspline import ( BSplineApprox, DEFAULT_LF_ZOOMS_MM, DEFAULT_HF_ZOOMS_MM, DEFAULT_ZOOMS_MM, ) workflow = Workflow(name=name) inputnode = pe.Node(niu.IdentityInterface(fields=INPUT_FIELDS), name="inputnode") outputnode = pe.Node( niu.IdentityInterface(fields=["fmap", "fmap_ref", "fmap_mask", "fmap_coeff", "method"]), name="outputnode", ) magnitude_wf = init_magnitude_wf(omp_nthreads=omp_nthreads) bs_filter = pe.Node(BSplineApprox(), name="bs_filter") bs_filter.interface._always_run = debug bs_filter.inputs.bs_spacing = ( [DEFAULT_LF_ZOOMS_MM, DEFAULT_HF_ZOOMS_MM] if not sloppy else [DEFAULT_ZOOMS_MM] ) bs_filter.inputs.extrapolate = not debug # fmt: off workflow.connect([ (inputnode, magnitude_wf, [("magnitude", "inputnode.magnitude")]), (magnitude_wf, bs_filter, [("outputnode.fmap_mask", "in_mask")]), (magnitude_wf, outputnode, [ ("outputnode.fmap_mask", "fmap_mask"), ("outputnode.fmap_ref", "fmap_ref"), ]), (bs_filter, outputnode, [ ("out_extrapolated" if not debug else "out_field", "fmap"), ("out_coeff", "fmap_coeff")]), ]) # fmt: on if mode == "phasediff": workflow.__desc__ = """\ A *B<sub>0</sub>* nonuniformity map (or *fieldmap*) was estimated from the phase-drift map(s) measure with two consecutive GRE (gradient-recalled echo) acquisitions. """ phdiff_wf = init_phdiff_wf(omp_nthreads, debug=debug) outputnode.inputs.method = "FMB (fieldmap-based) - phase-difference map" # fmt: off workflow.connect([ (inputnode, phdiff_wf, [("fieldmap", "inputnode.phase")]), (magnitude_wf, phdiff_wf, [ ("outputnode.fmap_ref", "inputnode.magnitude"), ("outputnode.fmap_mask", "inputnode.mask"), ]), (phdiff_wf, bs_filter, [ ("outputnode.fieldmap", "in_data"), ]), ]) # fmt: on else: from niworkflows.interfaces.images import IntraModalMerge from ...interfaces.fmap import CheckB0Units workflow.__desc__ = """\ A *B<sub>0</sub>* nonuniformity map (or *fieldmap*) was directly measured with an MRI scheme designed with that purpose such as SEI (Spiral-Echo Imaging). """ outputnode.inputs.method = "FMB (fieldmap-based) - directly measured B0 map" # Merge input fieldmap images (assumes all are given in the same units!) fmapmrg = pe.Node( IntraModalMerge(zero_based_avg=False, hmc=False, to_ras=False), name="fmapmrg", ) units = pe.Node(CheckB0Units(), name="units", run_without_submitting=True) # fmt: off workflow.connect([ (inputnode, units, [(("fieldmap", _get_units), "units")]), (inputnode, fmapmrg, [(("fieldmap", _get_file), "in_files")]), (fmapmrg, units, [("out_avg", "in_file")]), (units, bs_filter, [("out_file", "in_data")]), ]) # fmt: on return workflow
[docs]def init_magnitude_wf(omp_nthreads, name="magnitude_wf"): """ Prepare the magnitude part of :abbr:`GRE (gradient-recalled echo)` fieldmaps. Average (if not done already) the magnitude part of the :abbr:`GRE (gradient recalled echo)` images, run N4 to correct for B1 field nonuniformity, and skull-strip the preprocessed magnitude. Workflow Graph .. workflow :: :graph2use: orig :simple_form: yes from import init_magnitude_wf wf = init_magnitude_wf(omp_nthreads=6) Parameters ---------- omp_nthreads : :obj:`int` Maximum number of threads an individual process may use name : :obj:`str` Name of workflow (default: ``magnitude_wf``) Inputs ------ magnitude : :obj:`os.PathLike` Path to the corresponding magnitude path(s). Outputs ------- fmap_ref : :obj:`os.PathLike` Path to the fieldmap reference calculated in this workflow. fmap_mask : :obj:`os.PathLike` Path to a binary brain mask corresponding to the reference above. """ from niworkflows.interfaces.images import IntraModalMerge from ..ancillary import init_brainextraction_wf workflow = Workflow(name=name) inputnode = pe.Node(niu.IdentityInterface(fields=["magnitude"]), name="inputnode") outputnode = pe.Node( niu.IdentityInterface(fields=["fmap_ref", "fmap_mask", "mask_report"]), name="outputnode", ) # Merge input magnitude images # Do not reorient to RAS to preserve the validity of PhaseEncodingDirection magmrg = pe.Node(IntraModalMerge(hmc=False, to_ras=False), name="magmrg") brainextraction_wf = init_brainextraction_wf() # fmt: off workflow.connect([ (inputnode, magmrg, [("magnitude", "in_files")]), (magmrg, brainextraction_wf, [("out_avg", "inputnode.in_file")]), (brainextraction_wf, outputnode, [ ("outputnode.out_file", "fmap_ref"), ("outputnode.out_mask", "fmap_mask"), ("outputnode.out_probseg", "fmap_probseg"), ]), ]) # fmt: on return workflow
[docs]def init_phdiff_wf(omp_nthreads, debug=False, name="phdiff_wf"): r""" Generate a :math:`B_0` field from consecutive-phases and phase-difference maps. This workflow preprocess phase-difference maps (or generates the phase-difference map should two ``phase1``/``phase2`` be provided at the input), and generates an image equivalent to BIDS's ``fieldmap`` that can be processed with the general fieldmap workflow. Besides phase2 - phase1 subtraction, the core of this particular workflow relies in the phase-unwrapping with FSL PRELUDE [Jenkinson2003]_. FSL PRELUDE takes wrapped maps in the range 0 to 6.28, `as per the user guide <>`__. For the phase-difference maps, recentering back to :math:`[-\pi \dotsb \pi )` is necessary. After some massaging and with the scaling of the echo separation factor :math:`\Delta \text{TE}`, the phase-difference maps are converted into an actual :math:`B_0` map in Hz units. Workflow Graph .. workflow :: :graph2use: orig :simple_form: yes from import init_phdiff_wf wf = init_phdiff_wf(omp_nthreads=1) Parameters ---------- omp_nthreads : :obj:`int` Maximum number of threads an individual process may use debug : :obj:`bool` Run in debug mode name : :obj:`str` Name of workflow (default: ``phdiff_wf``) Inputs ------ magnitude : :obj:`os.PathLike` A reference magnitude image preprocessed elsewhere. phase : :obj:`list` of :obj:`tuple` of (:obj:`os.PathLike`, :obj:`dict`) List containing one GRE phase-difference map with its corresponding metadata (requires ``EchoTime1`` and ``EchoTime2``), or the phase maps for the two subsequent echoes, with their metadata (requires ``EchoTime``). mask : :obj:`os.PathLike` A brain mask calculated from the magnitude image. Outputs ------- fieldmap : :obj:`os.PathLike` The estimated fieldmap in Hz. """ from nipype.interfaces.fsl import PRELUDE from ...interfaces.fmap import Phasediff2Fieldmap, PhaseMap2rads, SubtractPhases workflow = Workflow(name=name) workflow.__desc__ = f"""\ The corresponding phase-map(s) were phase-unwrapped with `prelude` (FSL {PRELUDE().version}). """ inputnode = pe.Node( niu.IdentityInterface(fields=["magnitude", "phase", "mask"]), name="inputnode" ) outputnode = pe.Node( niu.IdentityInterface(fields=["fieldmap"]), name="outputnode", ) def _split(phase): return phase split = pe.MapNode( # We cannot use an inline connection function with MapNode niu.Function(function=_split, output_names=["map_file", "meta"]), iterfield=["phase"], run_without_submitting=True, name="split", ) # phase diff -> radians phmap2rads = pe.MapNode( PhaseMap2rads(), name="phmap2rads", iterfield=["in_file"], run_without_submitting=True, ) # FSL PRELUDE will perform phase-unwrapping prelude = pe.Node(PRELUDE(), name="prelude") calc_phdiff = pe.Node( SubtractPhases(), name="calc_phdiff", run_without_submitting=True ) calc_phdiff.interface._always_run = debug compfmap = pe.Node(Phasediff2Fieldmap(), name="compfmap") # fmt: off workflow.connect([ (inputnode, split, [("phase", "phase")]), (inputnode, prelude, [("magnitude", "magnitude_file"), ("mask", "mask_file")]), (split, phmap2rads, [("map_file", "in_file")]), (phmap2rads, calc_phdiff, [("out_file", "in_phases")]), (split, calc_phdiff, [("meta", "in_meta")]), (calc_phdiff, prelude, [("phase_diff", "phase_file")]), (prelude, compfmap, [("unwrapped_phase_file", "in_file")]), (calc_phdiff, compfmap, [("metadata", "metadata")]), (compfmap, outputnode, [("out_file", "fieldmap")]), ]) # fmt: on return workflow
def _get_file(intuple): """ Extract the filename from the inputnode. >>> _get_file([("fmap.nii.gz", {"Units": "rad/s"})]) 'fmap.nii.gz' >>> _get_file(("fmap.nii.gz", {"Units": "rad/s"})) 'fmap.nii.gz' """ if isinstance(intuple, list): intuple = intuple[0] return intuple[0] def _get_units(intuple): """ Extract Units from metadata. >>> _get_units([("fmap.nii.gz", {"Units": "rad/s"})]) 'rad/s' >>> _get_units(("fmap.nii.gz", {"Units": "rad/s"})) 'rad/s' """ if isinstance(intuple, list): intuple = intuple[0] return intuple[1]["Units"]